Trying Times Show

In 2010 Kat summoned the courage to write her first article for She had no idea that less than a year later she’d be a featured blogger. At the time, Trying Times chronicled her journey to expand her family through fertility treatments. It’s evolved with the ups and downs in Kat’s life to address a number of different issues and explore a lot of perspectives about relationships, business, and wellness in general.
Kat posts her written blogs regularly on You can read them here.
The Trying Times Show is the organic video off-shoot of Kat’s YMC blog, and a natural, fun, visual compliment to her heart-on-sleeve prose and dry humour.

It was only natural that Spin the Idea would dig into developing the new Trying Times brand.

From video production to the broadcast graphics, to the design of the site and promotion of the posts, Spin drives the look, feel, and culture behind the show.




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