Ten Thousand Steps

Hi Everyone – Kat here.

Ten Thousand Steps is a short film with such an infectiously good script and team, that it made me incorporate another business, and jump headlong into being a film producer.

True story.

Retrograde Films Inc is a Toronto/Vancouver cross-Canadian corp, that Spin the Idea manages as a subsidiary. We’ve done everything for it from a corporate standpoint through to the project level, branding the business and the film as we go.

With pretty much all of the money going into production, we used a grassroots approach for Ten Thousand Steps.

We have a great website that gives young filmmakers resources and a glimpse at how short films are made.

We have great business cards, trailers, a strong brand, and really strong social media interaction on Twitter and Facebook – all part of the strategy and shoe-string budget.

Now we’re applying for TIFF, and doing the festival rounds. Gulp.

Keep checking to see what’s next for this amazing project.


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