Kat Inokai and Spin The Idea have been working with Accilent Capital Management Inc. for over 5 years. Kat has designed and implemented the branding and communication strategy for the company and our product lines. Kat has a unique ability to distill our message to its most succinct core and help us find our corporate voice. She also has the skills to organize our team to implement all elements of the plan. We continue to work with Kat on all aspects of our branding and consult with her at the beginning stage of all product introductions and campaigns.

Dan Pembleton
President, CEO

Kat has helped me – actually saved my butt – on several occasions by designing incredible powerpoints and some great design pieces for me. Not only is her eye for design remarkable, her insight on strategy and copy were invaluable.

Erica Ehm
Owner, Publisher

Kat Inokai’s creativity in designing websites is mastered only by her meticulous management of the many elements within it. My website www.kathybuckworth.com is constantly evolving and Kat is quick to act reactively, as well as proactively to changes that I need. She has terrific ideas and makes excellent suggestions for improvement – and fun.

Kathy Buckworth