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If a Brand falls in the forest, is the answer a Rebrand?

I had a baby on December 13th, 2009 and the whole world shifted on its axis. All of a sudden the answer to simple questions like 'who am I' changed.  My outlook changed. My style changed. My entire perspective on life changed. My definition of life changed.

I'm not the greatest with change. I love to...

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Does ‘Branding’ need a new brand strategy?

Whether you’re a mompreneur, or a multinational, brand has never been more relevant, and more misunderstood.

Branding, let’s face it is as much shield as it is strategic advance. The word can be a deft and evasive sweep over much of marketing, pr, design, and in between. You want to talk about a product’s positioning? Talk about its brand. You want to launch a fluff press release just for visibility? Write about brand. The CEO gets caught singing karaoke while bombed on Mai Tais? Spin it around the brand.

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