About Kat Inokai


Kat Inokai is a creative director, producer, writer, and mom. You might also say she’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur.

As the creative director of Spin the Idea Ltd., Kat brings over 10 years of PR, project management, media production services, brand strategy and business management consulting to small businesses, creative professionals, and media personalities. She focuses on providing fresh, unique, and interdisciplinary branding and communication strategies applicable to any medium, and she loves her work.

Kat has the pleasure of working with high-profile clients in film and television, publishing, and digital media, but she also has a passion for getting up and coming talent into the spotlight – whether that talent is creative or entrepreneurial in nature.

Kat is the managing partner of Retrograde Films Inc., a film production company based in Vancouver. Retrograde is producing a short-film called Ten Thousand Steps due to hit the festival circuit this year.

She has also debuted to the other side of the camera as the host of Trying Times – a fun, engaging, webseries off-shoot of her YMC blog by the same name, produced in association with Wormhole Media.

Kat is a featured blogger with Yummymummyclub.ca and a contributor to the Huffington Post.

She has been a speaker, host, and panelist at events across Ontario including the highly acclaimed Social Capital Conference in Ottawa. She has also been a Guest Lecturer for Dalhousie University, as well as for George Brown, The School of Design in Toronto.

Her speaking and lecture topics have ranged from design management of interdisciplinary projects, to small business management, issues surrounding privacy and content integrity in blogging, and exploring blogging narrative media.

Follow Kat on Twitter: @bumpandhustle as she tweets from the hip about business, motherhood, and the art of the whole shebang, and search #TryingTimes to stay on top of her latest videos and posts.